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DiffMerge has a lot of helping and supporting features making comparing, merging and synching as easy and useful as possible.

Compare and Synchronize Folders
Compare and Merge Text Files
Compare and Merge Binary Files

General Features

  • Highlights differences with different colors
  • Easy navigation by differences
  • Prints and print previews comparison reports
  • Generates comparison reports in HTML
  • Drag and drop files and folders support
  • Swap panes, Toggle panes orientation (horizontal or vertical)
  • Customize fonts and colors
  • Windows shell extension support
  • And more

Compare and Synchronize Folders

  • Comparison methods:
    • File last modified date/time
    • File size
    • File attributes
    • File version
    • CRC
    • Compare contents as binary (byte-by-byte)
    • Compare contents as text
  • Quick merge mode (F9)
  • Fully customizable file extension filters
  • Starting file comparison with a simple double-click
  • Synchronizing commands: copying, moving, deleting, renaming, changing timestamps, changing attributes, creating new folder, etc
  • Automatic re-synchronization after file operating
  • Sorting folders by name, time, size, or last modification time without losing synchronization
  • Selection filters
  • Excluding of individual files and folders from comparison view
  • And more

Compare and Merge Text Files

  • Comparison rules:
    • Ignore differences in whitespace
    • Ignore differences in whitespace amount
    • Ignore differences in tab expansion
    • Ignore differences in leading whitespace
    • Ignore differences in trailing whitespace
    • Ignore differences in blank lines
    • Ignore differences in comments
    • Ignore differences in character case
    • Ignore differences in line ending characters
    • Ignore lines matching specified regular expression
  • Quick merge mode (F9)
  • Char-by-char comparison, highlights differences within lines
  • Navigation by differences within lines
  • Selects line different section in current line
  • Merging differences and line differences
  • Editing within the interface
  • Automatically detects changes and recompares
  • Fully functional text editor
    • Highlights syntax
    • MBCS and Unicode support
    • Drag and drop text editing
    • Unlimited undo
    • Block indent/unindent
    • Search and replace (with regular expression support)
    • Word wrapping
    • Bookmarks
  • Watching for changes outside DiffMerge and reload the file if required
  • And more

Compare and Merge Binary Files

  • Byte-by-Byte comparison
  • Merging differences
  • Fully functional hex editor
    • Highlights different type bytes
    • Unlimited undo
    • Drag and drop editing
    • Bookmark
    • And more
  • And more
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